What is Moral Injury?

Veteran with dog suffering from moral injury in a warehouse.

Moral Injury is at the root of many psychological issues facing our returning troops and veterans. It is a wound that occurs when one violates their own moral code. Moral Injury, though not widely known by that term, has been in existence for thousands of years. It is becoming relevant in today's world as a result of research from academia, the medical profession and other organizations. Military Outreach USA commends the ongoing research that many are performing.

Given today's high suicide rate, at least 20 per day, among our nation's veterans it is critical that houses of worship and organizations be aware of this invisible wound of war.

Military Outreach USA provides information and resources for those within the faith-based community, caring organizations and individuals can use today in helping to reach those in need of help--no matter their profession.




What Can Be Done?

Military Outreach USA believes that one of the key, if not best answer to helping heal those who suffer from this wound is for our nation's houses of worship to be better educated about this invisible wound of war. With this knowledge they will be able to serve those who have served us. Working in conjunction with others in the Military Caring Network and Houses of Worship this will be the linchpin for the Military Community to help, heal and serve them.

Moral Injury Resources

Military Outreach USA offers a number of resource materials to be used in helping to heal a moral injury. As more information is being developed it is important to be aware of research and new studies concerning Moral Injury. Members of the Military Caring Network, through our newsletter, webinars and special events are updated on a monthly basis concerning developments surrounding this invisible wound of war.

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Special Resources for Military Caring Network Members

A member of the Military Caring Network can download the publications, They Don't Receive Purple Hearts: A Guide to an Understanding and Resolution of the Invisible Wound of War Known as Moral Injury, and  The "Moral Injury Awareness Program"  a treasure trove of information and resources to deal with the issues of Moral Injury.These publications, along with the other benefits of being a Military Caring Network member will help in the development of resources and programs that a Military Caring House of Worship or Organization can use in helping to heal a moral injury.


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