Veterans Exiting Homelessness

No Veteran Should Ever Be Homeless
No Veteran Should Ever Be Homeless


The Problem

The Veterans Exiting Homelessness Program helps address the problems encountered by veterans or their family leaving a shelter (or transitional housing) to move into an affordable living residence. They often have nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few personal items. That is where we can all help.

The Solution

YOU are the solution to the problem! Whether you are a Military Caring House of Worship or Organization, a school, business, club or individual, the opportunity to help exists. By participating in or contributing to one or all of the programs provided you can make a difference in the lives of our veterans who are exiting homelessness. Consider starting an ongoing program in your community to assist those men and women who at one time made the commitment to protect you with their lives.

Beds for Vets Program

When a veteran moves into a new residence they typically have no furniture or bedding. The Beds for Vets program is designed to provide those qualified veterans in need with a set of bedding, at no charge, to help them as they exit homelessness.

Furniture for Veterans

Many times when a home is sold or new items are purchased a household will look for ways to donate what is being replaced or not needed. The Furniture for Veterans Program helps address both the needs of the donor and the veteran in need. Learn more about how to participate in this program.

Move-in-Essentials Program

The Move In Essential Program, a collaborative effort between Military Outreach USA and the Department of Veterans Affairs, seeks to provide the basic Move-In-Essentials a veteran needs as they transition from their lives in a shelter to a more stable living environment. Those Move-in-Essentials include such items as paper towels, a shower curtain, bath towels, a razor, shaving cream, aluminum foil, garbage bags, trash cans and more than 20 other items. Any organization can launch a drive in their community to collect hundreds of items that our veterans need on a recurring basis.

Veteran Transit Cards

Military Outreach USA, in a pilot program with Jesse Brown VA Medical Center located in Chicago and through your donations, will purchase individual $3.00 Ventra transit cards. These passes will be then provided to Jesse Brown VAMC for distribution to qualified veterans in need. Without these passes many homeless veterans have no means of transportation to the VA Medical Center. Learn more about this exciting pilot program and how your $3.00 contribution can make a difference in the life of a single homeless veteran.