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Military Outreach USA is fortunate to enjoy the generosity of so many people and organizations in the community.




Frequently, people spend their own time and money to organize a fundraiser to benefit Military Outreach USA. These fundraisers include everything from lemonade stands, bake sales and car washes, golf tournaments, car shows, carnivals, and more.


If you are interested in hosting your own third-party event to benefit Military Outreach USA, please call us at 877-734-4244 or email We can offer guidance to help make your event a success.




What is a third-party fundraising event?


A third-party fundraising event is conducted by an individual, group or organization in the community with proceeds to benefit Military Outreach USA or a department or initiative of Military Outreach USA.


Who can conduct a fundraiser on behalf of Military Outreach USA?


Individuals and organizations can host an independent fundraising event to support Military Outreach USA. These can be civic organizations, houses of worship, schools, businesses, or government agencies.


How will this toolkit help me?

This toolkit was designed to make planning your community fundraiser as easy as possible. From creating a timeline and a budget, to organizing and publicizing your event, it is a complete planning guide that will allow anyone to become a successful fundraiser for Military Outreach USA. Feel free to use a few of our ideas and suggestions or all of them – whatever works best for you!


Where will my donation go?

There are many specialties, programs and services at Military Outreach USA that your donation can support.  If you have a passion for a specific area, we will work with you to ensure your donation goes directly to that area.  If you'd like details about the funding areas listed below or would like different funding ideas, please contact Military Outreach USA.


How can Military Outreach USA help me?


Listed below are ways Military Outreach USA can help with your fundraiser:



We are here to support you. However, there are some services we are unable to provide:





Deciding to host a community fundraiser for Military Outreach USA is a huge accomplishment in itself - thank you! Here are 10 steps to help you get started:




The following are some ideas for your community fundraiser.  We suggest thinking of something you enjoy doing (e.g. book club, cooking) and working to add a fundraising component into that.  This way you are not starting from scratch and, in addition to giving back to a great cause, you are doing something you love!


Birthday/Anniversary Party

Do you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, shower or bar/bat mitzvahs? Consider making a contribution to Military Outreach USA in lieu of personal gifts – and ask your friends and family to do the same. This is a great way to get the kids involved!


Cocktail Party

Throw a cocktail party in your home or at a local restaurant or bar. Many venues provide great deals for very little money. Ask your friends to donate $50 and then spend no more than $20 per person on the food. This will ensure you will have a good amount to donate by the end of the night. Include a raffle or auction to increase revenue.


Garage Sale

Ask friends and neighbors to clean out their basement or garage for a good cause. Organize a garage sale, and you’ll clean out your house while supporting sick or injured patients in our community at the same time!


Golf Outing

Whether planning a small golf outing with friends and family or an outing for your business, think about making your swing really count and partnering with us to give back to the Veterans served by Military Outreach USA!


Independent Business Gives Back

Are you a local independent business owner, restaurant or retail owner who is looking to align with a great cause? Whether it is a percentage of proceeds for a week or simply collecting change, you can make a difference while you work.


School Fundraiser

Kids love to help!  Have fun with your students while teaching them about the meaning of philanthropy with anything from a coin drive to a read-a-thon. Be creative! We’d love to hear about your school fundraiser ideas and stories.


Sell, Sell, Sell!

Many marketing/promotional item companies offer a lot of discounted items. Create t-shirts, bracelets, key chains, etc., and sell them above your cost to create revenue.


Trivia Night

This is a fun way to raise funds while increasing awareness about pediatric illnesses. Host your trivia night at a restaurant or other local establishment and invite between 10 and 50 of your friends and family. The following website provides a trivia night wizard to help in generating questions and formatting the event.




These tips and tools will help maximize publicity of your event through the media at very little cost.


Create a Timeline to Maximize Publicity


A timeline is important in planning a publicity strategy for your event. Keep this timeline in mind as you put together a publicity plan:





Photos are a great way to document your event, whether for publicity or simply to share with family and friends. Here are some tips on capturing special moments at your fundraiser:





Send in Your Donation/Proceeds



Send us Photos


E-mail the best 3-5 photos from your event.


Logo Use


As stated in the guidelines, use of Military Outreach USA logo is allowed for up to 30 days after your event. Remove logos from any materials after this time.


Start Thinking of your Next Fundraiser!


The best time to think of a new idea is right after an event or fundraiser. Think of what parts went well and what could be changed to make the next event even more successful.




How long does it take to get my Fundraiser Proposal approved?

Proposals will be approved within 10 business days of receipt.


Do I need to create a 501c3 (non-profit) organization to host a fundraiser for Military Outreach USA?

No, anyone can host a fundraiser for Military Outreach USA with our approval.  Staff can provide an authorization letter confirming the organizer’s intent to raise funds for Military Outreach USA.


Can someone from Military Outreach USA help me plan my event, and attend and/or speak at my event?

We are happy to provide guidance for your event, but we do not have the staff to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. We do our best to attend events supporting Military Outreach USA, but we cannot guarantee attendance of staff, physicians or volunteers at your event.


Can I use Military Outreach USA’s name and logo?

Once your fundraiser is approved, we will provide you with Military Outreach USA’s logo for your marketing materials. We must review everything with our name and logo before it’s printed or distributed. This includes the use of the Military Outreach USA logo on your website or your company’s website.


Can Military Outreach USA provide insurance for my event?

Because Military Outreach USA is the beneficiary and has no direct involvement with running the fundraiser, we cannot provide insurance for third-party events. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining insurance for the event.


Can Military Outreach USA help me get a permit for my event?

The organization and execution of the event is the responsibility of the event organizer. The event organizer must obtain any necessary permits or licenses.


Can I use the Military Outreach USA’s Tax Exemption number?

Because Military Outreach USA is not hosting your event, it is considered a third-party event. For this reason, you will not be able to use Military Outreach USA’s IRS 501(c)(3) charitable classification, federal tax ID number, or tax-exempt certificate.


Will each of my donors get a receipt?

Military Outreach USA cannot issue charitable tax receipts for donors or sponsors who make payments directly to your third-party event. If your donor wants a receipt, please be sure the check is made payable to Military Outreach USA and leave the check in its original form before sending it to Military Outreach USA.


Please note that there are complex regulations around the distribution of charitable tax receipts. This includes donations of money, in-kind items and services. Issuing an inappropriate receipt can put our charitable tax status in jeopardy so please do not promise any kind of receipt.  For more information about charitable tax receipts please contact the Military Outreach USA.


How do I open a bank account for my event?

We recommend you open a non-interest bearing checking account, or benefit account, at a local bank. The account must be opened in the third party’s name. It cannot be opened using Military Outreach USA’s name or financial information.


Can I pay myself back for expenses I’ve incurred?

We recognize that some coordinators need funds to run an event and pay expenses. However, Military Outreach USA cannot fund or financially support community fundraisers. Coordinators are responsible for covering all expenses and cannot be reimbursed by Military Outreach USA. For these reasons, as you start to collect money you may want to keep some funds on hand to help pay your expenses. This amount should not exceed 30% of your gross revenue. In your planning process, make sure to develop a budget reflecting the type of event you are having and the many costs related to the event. After the fundraiser is complete, please send us all checks addressed to Military Outreach USA as well as a one lump sum check from your checking account.


Can we have a check presentation at Military Outreach USA?

Yes, we can arrange for a check presentation to be held at Military Outreach USA.  Please contact the Military Outreach USA to schedule a time.


Should I send a personal thank you letter or card to my donors?

Definitely! It is important to thank everyone who was involved with your fundraiser!



Kristi Carter Partner Development Director

Military Outreach USA

3020 Milwaukee Avenue

Northbrook, IL  60062