Public Relations

Public relations is critical to establishing a presence with the Military Community. When reaching out to the Military Community there are some characteristics exclusive to those that have worn the uniform which can be unique.

The publication, They Don't Receive Purple Hearts, available to Military Caring Network members, will provide more insight into those characteristics.

Consider using the Just Reach One Program in your community outreach and communications.

The resources located on this page can be used as supportive material in your outreach to the Military Community.

The Military Community is unique.  They require more understanding to be reached.


The following videos can be located on our YouTube Channel or downloaded from this site.


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Public relations is much more than placing an item in your bulletin or newsletter. It can be a way for your House of Worship or Organization to expand by reaching out to the members of your community. A pubic relations program can encompass engaging in TV, newspaper, and radio or just creating a Facebook or Twitter page. It makes no difference the detail just as long as a plan is in place.

By being a member of the Military Caring Network, Military Outreach USA will provide continuing resources to be used in helping your Pubic Relations efforts reach and serve those who have served us.

The following resources will provide an overview to creating an effective Public Relations Program.

Public Relations-Overview (The PowerPoint version of this file is available to Military Caring Network members)

How to Write a Press Release

Press Release Template

How to Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

PSA Script Template

Members of the Military Caring Network will receive added resources to include in their Public Relations program. If you are not already a member enroll now, there is no charge to be a member of the Military Caring Network.