Military Outreach USA develops programs that members and non-members of the Military Caring Network can implement in their service to the Military Community.

Military Outreach USA provides programs to reach out to other organizations within the community, to help serve and meet the needs of our Military Community. These programs can also be modified to address particular locales or environments.

Resources and referrals are all provided at no charge to the Military Caring Houses of Worship or Organizations within the Military Caring Network.

If your House of Worship or Organization is not a part of the Military Caring Network and would like to access all the programs offered by Military Outreach USA please enroll now.

Just Reach One

Just Reach One is based on the premise that in assisting our Military Community it is far easier to help one veteran at a time as opposed to 100,000. It is available only to Military Caring Network members.

Just Reach One provides a variety of resources, actionable and measurable plans that can be used in working with those in the Military Community. The resources and programs can be used to enhance and expand existing ministries or to create a Military Caring Ministry in your House of Worship or Organization.

Programs in Just Reach One include:

  • Veteran Awareness Program
  • Veterans Exiting Homelessness
  • Understanding Military Culture
  • Military Caring Law Enforcement Program
  • Military Caring College/University Program

To access this program just enroll at no charge into the Military Caring Network.


Community Covenant

Covenant logo

The Community Covenant sets out the relationship between the community and those within the Military Community. It recognizes that the whole community has a moral obligation to members of the Military Community and it establishes how they should expect to be treated.

Veterans Exiting Homelessness

When a veteran or their family leaves a shelter or transitional housing and moves into a affordable living residence they more times than not have nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few personal items. This program is designed to be used by schools, businesses and organizations in helping to serve those who have served us. Learn more... 


This important document allows you to link to all the resources  concerning Moral Injury. This downloadable PDF has links to a treasure trove of information that your Military Caring Network will find invaluable. Become a Military Caring Network member here to gain the benefits of membership!