A Military Caring Organization is any organization that is committed to serving our Military Community by helping them deal with the visible and invisible wounds of military service.

A Military Caring Organization will actively share information or implement resources, materials and programs provided by Military Outreach USA to its organization members or affiliates. A Military Caring Organization can be the initiator of activities within its community and engage those who have worn the uniform in service to the nation. They can be the social support system for many who suffer from the wounds of war.

A Military Caring Organization can be an international, national, regional or local in nature.

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Programs and Resources

Military Outreach USA provides its network members the Just Reach One Program. This program expands on the free resources provided in this site and details how a Military Caring Organization can work closer with those who have served. It suggests areas and methods to work with other organizations to create events that will expose your services to those who need to be reached. It is a total outreach program, available free of charge.

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Military Caring Organizations

Examples of a  Military Caring Organization:

  • Archdiocese or Diocese
  • District
  • Fraternity
  • Sorority
  • Service Club (Rotary, Lions, etc.)
  • Veteran Service Organization (American Legion, VFW)