Military Caring House of Worship

A Military Caring House of Worship can be of any religious affiliation. The criteria is only that it welcomes and then serves the men and women in the active military, National Guard, Reserves, Veterans and their families, regardless of their faith.

A Military Caring House of Worship is committed to providing spiritual support and practical care to all who come to them for help.

A Military Caring House of Worship will use the resources and programs provided by Military Outreach USA to develop and expand their service to those who have served us.

Enroll now to join the Military Caring Network  Services are provided free of charge.

Programs and Resources

Military Outreach USA provides the Just Reach One Program to its network members. This program expands on the free resources provided in this site. The program details how a Military Caring House of Worship can work closer with those who have served. It details areas where you can work with other organizations to create events that will expose your services to those who need to be reached. It is a total outreach program, available free of charge.

Military Outreach USA provides a number of FREE resources to assist our Military Community. Learn more

Resources and programs in Just Reach One are available only to members of the Military Caring Network. Access Just Reach One



“My soul is full of troubles and my life draws near to Scheol [the world
of the dead]…Thou has put me in the depths of the pit, in the
regions of the dark and deep.” (Ps. 88:3 and 6 ESV)


Benefits of Being a Caring House of Worship

Just a few of the benefits of being a Caring House of Worship:

  • Be aware of the programs and benefits available to the Military Community
  • Receive our News You Can Use monthly newsletter
  • Have a single source for questions concerning the Military Community
  • Have free access to publications not available to non-members
  • Be included on our national Military Caring Network locator