Serving is more than a word.



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A Military Outreach USA Event is a united act of compassion that helps the Military Community.


Events are any activity where community partners work together in meeting the ultimate goal to serve those who have served us.


Houses of worship, businesses, caring individuals, community service and civic organizations partner with their local Veterans Administration facility to provide needed move-in-essentials, gift cards, clothing, food and other needed items to be given to qualified Veterans — at no charge to the Veteran or their family.


Communities are the heart of counties, states and nations. When families thrive; communities thrive.  Military Outreach USA is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, churches and organizations who believe in building strong communities.


In the United States, Military Community members struggle to put food on their tables, find employment, clothing, basic living essentials and more. It’s in such situations that providing a free bag of groceries, the chance to visit with an employer about a job opportunity, a bed, clothing or move-in-essentials can serve as the life-changing experiences that transform families and strengthen communities.

Community Covenant


A Community Covenant is a formal commitment of support by state, county and local government agencies and their community partners to Veterans and their Families as well as Active Duty Military, National Guard and Reserves (the Military Community).


  • A Community Covenant fosters and sustains effective government and community relationships to improve the quality of life for Veterans and their Families
  • It is tailored to the local level, covenant signing ceremonies recognize the strength of  Veterans, their Families, and the support of the local community
  • Allows the sharing of programs to assist communities in finding ways to support Veterans and their Families
  • It provides a means by which Veterans and Families can find access to additional programs
  • It is a Community based program that includes recognition of all Veterans, Service Members and their Families

Create a Community Covenant

Military Outreach USA provides an easy to use guide to develop plans to address issues that affect the Military Community.


Download and share with others in your community to learn how to serve those who have served us.

Our Impact

How working with our partners makes a difference.








Community Partnerships


Military Outreach USA works with those in a community forming partnerships that build the foundation for our outreach events. Partnership with local governments, organizations, houses of worship and business are crucial to the success of an outreach event.




Volunteers are an important part of all community outreach events. Military Outreach USA engages with community members in building a volunteer base, establishing a customized plan for the community, and carrying out the events.

Who is Served?


Community outreach events serve the men and women within the Military Community which includes Veterans, active duty military, National Guard, Reserves and their families. The heart and soul of every one of our events is compassion.


Valentines Day

Memorial Day

Give a Heart

"...honor the dead by supporting the living."

Do you have contacts with a local school? Nothing beats hand made Valentines Day cards delivered to hospitalized Veterans. Collection drives always are needed to provide what our Veterans need. Don't forget to bring some of those cards to a local nursing home.

Every year Military Outreach USA conducts with its partners Operation Help-a-Hero. From Memorial Day until the 4th of July community partners collect move-in-essentials items that are donated to area VA facilities. These items are then distributed to formerly homeless Veterans.

Patriot's Day

Veterans Day

Remembering 9/11

Honor their service by serving them.

Most who are now fighting the war on terror were only 4 or 5 years old. Use this day to honor their service and perhaps visit a VA Hospital to visit a ward. Consider conducting a collection drive to help those Veterans who might need food, move-in-essentials, a bed or clothing.

As part of our 2018 theme:


"We Care for Our Veterans"


during Veterans week from November 4-11 collections and fund raising drives will be conducted to support Veterans and their families in need.

Serving is more than a word.


Every VA facility has its own particular needs in serving Veterans in their community. A program initiated at the end of 2017 called the Top 10 Needs List provides not only a specific list of items needed for local Veterans but the contact person, phone and email at the VA facility. These items are needed on a recurring basis and the lists change as needs are filled and new ones develop.


The Adopt-a-VA site provides a directory of VA Medical Centers across the nation with Voluntary Services contact information. Refer to this directory when creating a collection drive to help serve Veterans in your community or to discover ways by which you can serve.



Military Outreach USA provides a list of important dates for 2018 to use in planning when an event can be conducted. Highlighted areas are those time frames where we are conducting National Events to serve our Military Community.  Click here for Dates and Events.