mission vision values

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower a Military Caring Network to serve those who have served in our nation's military.

Our Vision

A national, community-based outreach program that celebrates, supports and networks with the Military Community.

Our Core Values

Faith-based-Our Christian faith compels us to demonstrate God's compassion, love and healing to the Military Community.

Caring Attitude-We demonstrate compassionate support and concern for all members of the Military Community, and show our Military Caring Network members how to serve those who have served.

Responsiveness-We respond to the needs of our Military Caring Network and in turn hold them accountable to respond to the Military Community quickly and effectively.

Teamwork-We work closely with the Military Caring Network and other military service providers to ensure the Military Community quickly receives the recognition and support they deserve.

Duty and Honor-In serving the Military Community, we give action to the phrase "A Grateful Nation".

Advocacy-We educate the public and campaign for the best interests of those in the Military Community.

Integrity and Accountability-We are honest and forthright in our administration, service and outreach activities. We tie these activities directly to our mission and report our results accurately and transparently.