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The stories are many and varied. They come from far back in history to present. Some have been told. Some stay buried deep in hearts and minds. They are stories of our Veterans, military members and their families and their issues and challenges that they have faced or are living with day to day. These men and women live in your neighborhood, attend your local school, shop at your local grocery, and attend your church.......or maybe don’t attend your church. In many cases they may travel through days and nights in silent struggles. Some are experiencing homelessness, grief, financial challenges, injuries and disabilities that are visible or invisible ......and quietly endure varying degrees of emotional and spiritual pain.
Military Outreach USA partners with Military Caring Houses of Worship and Organizations to provide resources and programs to help those who are serving or have served us. Become part of a Military Caring Network whose members have chosen to help those who have given so much...our Military Community.

Prepare for November

Now is the time to prepare for Veterans Day

20151108_153250Many times houses of worship, school, businesses and organizations fail to plan for Veterans Day. Military Outreach USA is providing a simple to implement program that can be done to honor those who have served is the 11-11-11 Program. This Program is designed to help those Veterans who are Exiting Homelessness by providing them the needed basis essentials to set up their new residences.

Learn more about this program and how you can help to serve those who have served us!


The issues affecting our Military Community range from how to receive VA benefits to homelessness and support for coping with the invisible wounds of war. Military Outreach USA has specific programs on how you can work with those men and women who are exiting homelessness or suffering from Moral Injury.

Military Caring House of Worship

A Military Caring House of Worship can be of any faith or denomination. As part of the Military Caring Network your  congregation will be offered the tools, resources and programs provided by Military Outreach USA. Learn more...


A Military Caring Organization is any organization committed to serving our Military Community by helping them deal with the visible and invisible wounds of military service.

A Military Caring Organization will actively share information or implement resources, materials and programs provided by Military Outreach USA to its organization members or affiliates.  Learn more...


Imagine a single national network of Military Caring Houses of Worship and organizations working together to provide resources and assistance to the members of our Military Community.  Military Outreach USA is establishing such a network. Learn more...